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Education is the basic foundation of a civilized society and it is the youth on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of establishing truth, justice and peace in the world and we at GHIMIT want to spread this message through education. We need to make the youth realize that morality and ethics are the same in all faiths. We need to be truthful, sincere, humble and helpful. Good conduct and correct behavior is the requirement of the youth today and we nurture students to face the challenges of the global world by following the latest technology while retaining the traditional values. GHIMIT is dedicated to fulfill and serve the belief and vision of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib who along with spiritual authority exercised temporal authority too by expounding the concept of Miri (Shakti) and Piri (Bhakti). The Sikh Gurus preached the principles of religious tolerance and brotherhood of humanity five hundred years ago when they said:-

“Ek Pita Ekus Ke Hum Baarik”
“The whole humanity is one Brotherhood and God is the only father for all of us”.

They propagated the philosophy of human equality. The Institute was set up in 2005 under the aegis of DSGMC. Since its inception in 2005 our endeavour has been to give the students ample exposure and experience in the field of Management , Computers , Vocational & Skill Education along with ethical and moral values. GHIMIT churns out students who make successful individuals not only in their career but also in their day to day life. The institute has opened new vistas for the students who want to pursue a degree or diploma with specialization in their preferred discipline. We aspire to become premier Educational Institute which would provide a highly talented human resource in various technical fields. Conviction, vision and effort leads one to success with a belief that healthy minds live in healthy bodies. We promote physical fitness and mental health among students.

Guru Hargobind Institute of
Management & Information Technology
  • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow